Staff-Salary Structure and Policy


Employee Salary Structure and policy

Ref: EODR-A-000001

GradeDesignationBasic Salary Structure
1Chief Executive Officer (CEO)N/A
2Chief Operational Officer (COO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

BDT 1,30,000
3Head of Marketing (HOM)BDT 1,15,000
4Head of Sales (HOS)BDT 1,00,000
5Director (HR & Accounts)BDT 1,00,000
6Deputy Director (DD)BDT 35,000
7Assistant Director (AD)BDT 30,000
8Deputy Assistant Director (DAD)BDT 25,000
9Chief Editor (CE)BDT 22,000
10Deputy Chief Editor (DCE)BDT 20,000
11Assistant Executive Officer (AEO)BDT 18,000
12Senior Executive (SE)BDT 15,000
13Senior Executive Editor (SED)BDT 10,000
14Executive Editor (ED)BDT 8,250
15Junior Executive Editor (JED) / Graphics Designer (GD)BDT 5,000
J- 16Reporter C-1BDT 4,000
J- 17Reporter C-2BDT 3,500
J- 18Reporter C-3BDT 3,000
J- 19Reporter C-4BDT 2,500
J- 20Writer (Intern)Contract

Each and every employee of “Tasnims Group” will receive a monthly salary on the 5th day of the month. The total salary is divided into four portions like “Basic + Medical + Transport + Communication.
Employee Salary Structure

Basic Salary: According to the grade of the pay scale.

Medical: As a medical allowance, every employee from Grade-14 to Grade- 11 will receive BDT 750 per month.

Transport: As transport allowance, monthly every employee from Grade- 14 to Grade- 13 will receive BDT 500, Grade- 12 to Grade- 8 will receive BDT 1300, and Grade- 7 to Grade- 5 will receive BDT 3000.

Communication: As communication allowance monthly every employee from Grade- 14 to Grade- 6 will receive BDT 500 and from Grade- 5 to Grade- 2 will receive BDT 1000.